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Rock Your Baby Xmas is here

It’s that time of year again! A Rock Your Baby Christmas is almost here and Oh What Fun! we had creating this collection. What’s an RYB Christmas without a little bit of fun and rock n roll?

Click Here to view Look Book

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  • aylen smith on

    “Jewelry for children should should only be made in sterling or real gold because of allergy issues.
    Beads from China should never be used in ”“>children’s jewelry because China uses lead in the making of their color beads and this could be very dangerous for children.”

  • Ana Stipic on

    Hi just wondering when your Xmas collection is available to purchase?? I dress my kids every yr in your xmas outfits love it sooo much 😍😍

  • aylen smith on

    As children are always on the move, you should never invest in expensive watches or diamond jewelry that could be easily damaged or lost. When a child reaches young adulthood, thesebaby jewelry luxury items make more sense as gifts.

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