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Motherhood - Happy Mothers Day with @hourglass_images

It's that time of year again! Get ready for the sweet scent of burnt toast, spilt juice, smoke alarms, a cold cup of coffee and your inner voice convincing you that the breakfast in bed clean-up mission is definitely worth it!! Mothers Day is here and whilst as Mums, you might have 101 struggles every single day...your kids have 101 reasons why you are incredible, and its time to listen up!

So to celebrate this Mothers Day, we wanted to take you down memory lane with the amazing Christine from @hourglass_images on her road to motherhood - from glossy magazines of happy families to the dampening reality that the midwife forgot to hand over the manual when she handed over the crying baby! 

So grab a cup of tea and settle in...and when we say 'grab', we absolutely mean politely suggest/enforce one of your adoring children go and make you a cuppa! After all, there's only 24 hours* in a Mothers Day...and we must use them wisely!

(*Rock Your Baby condones extending bed time on Mothers Day to utilise all available hours of the Day!")




Nearly ten years ago now, prior to children I recall my first impressions of Motherhood and how it thought it would roll. 

As I would drive to work l would watch Mothers taking their babies for a stroll in their prams.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping. I would look through glossy magazines admiring pictures of Mums and bubs as they shared giggles, the sparkle in their eyes were so bright it was almost blinding. I was excited! I could not wait to be a Mum. 

Soon after we were blessed with a healthy pregnancy and although I loved being pregnant my swelling belly scared me. I could no longer see my feet and thoughts of the reality of birth almost made me faint. How could something so big come out of something so small??!!


Birth day came and thankfully my thoughts of the equation had left my mind. On this day the most beautiful event happened. We gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and named him Cooper.  My husband and I held this gorgeous little human that we created, we looked into his eyes, his eyes sparkled and with that I was welcomed into Motherhood. 

The hospital stay was perfect. I got to sit and relax, cuddle my sleeping baby. Everything was wonderful. Before long it was time to head home. Going home in the car I was giving myself high fives - I had heard that Motherhood could be challenging but I had it in the bag. I was a natural. 

Our home coming was as beautiful as I had anticipated but then it was time for hubby to return to work and at that point our baby Cooper start to cry, and cry and cry. All of a sudden I was like WOAH! Who stopped this carousel? What am I doing wrong? Why isn't our beautiful baby sleeping? Why isn't he feeding? Is he crying because I am doing something wrong? I didn't understand. I knew that if I went to IKEA and bought a 3 legged stool I would get an inch thick manual yet I had this little human being who was dependent on me for everything and I had nothing… I felt helpless. 

I'd spend the days watching the clock and waiting for my hubby to get home, standing in my pj's by to the front door we would all be weeping -my baby, myself and my nipples. I was heartbroken. Motherhood was tough. 

Time went by and I started to learn about our son, as he grew things started to become easier. Before long I started to experience Milestones. Seeing his 1st smile flooded my heart with joy. 

Helping him to learn to sit, seeing him take his 1st steps I then started to experience this feeling of being proud. It felt like I was filled with fireworks. I was truly loving this gig called Motherhood. 

As he grew, I grew. Life was never boring. 

I will never forget finding my name "Mum" written correctly for the first time. Cooper had scribbled it into his bedroom wall. I didn't care where it was written because he is my son and I ... I am his Mum and he had taken the time to practice my name.  


Moving forward I am now blessed with four beautiful children. Cooper 9 yrs, Kelley 8 yrs, Ashy 5 yrs and Jessie 3 yrs.  

My love for them is immeasurable, they make me so proud with everything they do. They are always changing and new challenges constantly arise but I now realise that I never needed that manual because sometimes it's just better to learn and grow together. 

So, from me to you, I wish you a very Happy Mother Day and I hope you get spoilt in many ways. Take a moment to look for that sparkle in your children's eyes as this sparkle is for you because you are the best Mum that your child could ever wish for. 


Happy Mother Day. ❤


- By Christine from Hourglass_images

Don't follow Christine's amazing photography and her cute as a button tribe? Ohhh we have to fix that! Click here to get following! Please note, we take no responsibility if you become as obsessed with her photography as we are! 

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