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December 20th

Day 20 is here and it's one for the mums! Throughout the year Mums are working around the clock with little thanks...and on top of that our beloved RYB Mama's are working hard at keeping their kids looking super stylish every season. And we think its about time they got some serious thanks!

So we have rustled up some goodies from some our favourite brands to bring you our very first "Merry Xmas Mama's" Competition! All you have to do to enter is share the love! Nominate two other Mama's who you think are doing a fab job and deserve some recognition! If you win, you and your two nominated Mama's will receive a pampering gift pack that will have you entering the new year feeling rejuvenated and refreshed! (Keep reading to find out what we've included in our gift packs)



1. Comment on this blog about who you are nominating and why they deserve to win.

2. Head over to our instagram, find the competition image in our feed (It will be the same pic as below) and tag the two people you've nominated! Make sure all three of you are following our instagram.

That's it! So simple! You've got two weeks to get those nominations in, Entries close 03/01/17 and prizes will be sent out 08/01/17 for the fun bit, the prize!

We have 3 prizes to give away and they will include the following:

1 x $100 Mecca Gift Card

1 x MsSoho Ultimate Luxe Skincare Pack, which includes the following goodies: 

Black Extract: Pore Peel: A liquid mask treatment that, when dry, peels directly off the skin, bringing with it blackheads, dirt and grime from deep within your face’s pores to leave your skin looking clear, healthy and refreshed.
Beautitox: A five day treatment that helps refresh, cleanse, and revitalize the appearance of your skin. This cleanse contains five masks, all of which have their own unique scents, properties and beauty health benefits.
Black Extract: Nose Pore Purifier: A three day treatment that helps extract dirt and grime from your nose's pores to leave your skin looking clear, healthy and refreshed.
Collagen Cleanse: Eye Brightener:  three day treatment that helps to visibly tighten and brighten the appearance of dark circles around the eyes, so you can stop telling people that the bags under your eyes are Chanel.

Collagen Cleanse: Lip Plump: A three day treatment that helps soften and refresh your lips to leave them looking full, luscious and plump.

Collagen Cleanse: Face Tightener: A three day treatment that helps your face look tighter and smoother. It enhances the face’s youthful appearance by replenishing the elastin and collagen back into your skin.

Blemish: Spot Treatment An breathable spot treatment that absorbs secretion, reduces the redness and swelling of spots, promotes the healing of pimples and protects acne from being affected by any further dirt or contaminants. This treatment includes 100+ spot treatments. Use one spot treatment per affected area, and continue use until blemish has healed.
Illuminate: Highlight Illuminator An illuminating mask treatment for the skin. It enhances and highlights the top of the cheekbones to enhance the skin’s glow. The treatment includes five highlight masks. Use one mask prior to applying makeup for a luminous finish, or use without makeup for a natural glow.
Illuminate: Face Illuminator An illuminating mask treatment for the skin. It enhances the face’s glow and radiance. The treatment includes five face masks. Use one mask prior to applying makeup for a luminous finish, or use without makeup for a natural glow.
It will be like having a spa in your own home.
So from our RYB family to yours...thanks Mums! xx


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  • Tegan Misdom on

    I’m nominating Kiri Armstrong and Lauren Sams because they get motherhood, they don’t sugarcoat it and are doing an a-mazing job at it!

  • Hannah Webster on

    I would love to nominate @ and @ for being two of the most generous friends a girl can have. My postpartum period has been borderline shit with a very complicated delivery, baby loosing over 13% weight loss and being re-admitted to Neonatal Unit and then my scar getting infected. These mamas have had my back with meals, lactation cookies, tea, wheat bags, cuddles and words of support. I am so thankful for my mama tribe and would love to see these mamas recognised for the generous souls they are <3

  • Kris Norman on

    I’m nominating the wonderful women Kim Andersson and Annika Livanidis who go above and beyond to care for and educate our babies. Kim has just scored her first full time teaching position for Kindy next year while also being a mummy to 2 beautiful children with one on the way. Annika is due with her first baby any day now and has done a marvellous job running our local preschool and taking great care of my precious baby. Now that the year is out, they deserve to exhale and enjoy their little families and take some time out for them.

  • Sharon Manders on

    The two lovely mummas I would like to nominate are Bronya Serge , she deserves so much to be pampered , no Mum should ever have to go through what she is , the second Mum is Penny Rios she is always first to help any mumma on the page with anything they ask , she is also always willing to fairy for anyone , her love for Rock You’re Baby shines through in everything she does

  • Haley Tui Hazel on

    I’m nominating taryn coad and Kd Martin two amazingly beautiful woman inside and out , both have popped out new additions to their families ❤️ Both these ladies will always go out of their way to help in any way they can . Have all the time in the world for them . Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone

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