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December 15th

Day 15 is here, and its perfect timing to think about the true meaning of Christmas.

Gifts are fun and so is all the holiday cheer, but it's important to remember to count your blessings this Christmas and to share what you can with those who are less fortunate or going through some hard times. We have proudly partnered with The Kids Cancer Project this Christmas and are even prouder to announce that half of sales made this weekend will be donated to them!

The Kids Cancer Project are an independent national charity supporting Childhood Cancer Research. Over the years, they have committed more than $36 million to scientific projects with thanks to community support, and this weekend we are calling on our Rock Your Baby family and together we are going to help them make even more of an impact!

So if you have a few more presents left to buy on the list then this weekend is the perfect opportunity to get them ticked off and help out an awesome Australian charity! Or if you have done all your shopping and want to help anyway you can donate directly to their charity by clicking here.

To everyone touched by Cancer and childhood illness, we send you all of our love and strength this Christmas and always. Team RYB xx


(Includes all sales made between 11am 15/12/17 and 9:30am 18/12/17, we will announce our final donation on Social Media on Tuesday 19/12/17)


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